UPDATED: Gerald "Oak Hill Toller" Daugherty has his own line of merchandise.

I think Gerald wore a Baby Bib like this one when he almost cried and walked out of CAMPO months ago.

Commissioner Gerald "Oak Hill Toller" Daugherty, led the charge for the FREEWAY TOLL plan at CAMPO just a few weeks ago. Yes, last year he voted NO to freeway tolls and this year he voted YES to freeway tolls - these are roads we've already paid for. CLICK HERE: This new store with a line of products and clothes (T-shirts, Caps, Clocks and more!) is just for you Gerald!
UPDATED: From Statesman today (Friday):

Statesman Headline: Now available: the anti-toll thong.

Gerald Daugherty is officially back on the bad side of toll road warrior Sal Costello and his circle. The evidence: You can now buy a thong with Daugherty's face on it and the legend, "De-elect Oak Hill Toller Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daugherty."

You can go to cafepress.com -- the same folks offering "Adios, mofo" merchandise in the wake of Gov. Rick Perry's recent gaffe -- search for "oakhilltoller" and order the thong for a song, just $8.99, or various other items (including a baby bib for tollaphobic infants) with the same image...

..."He voted for freeway tolls, and that's unacceptable," Costello said...Read more here

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