Vote for a True Hero: Bill Gammon for Judge!

I need to tell you about a great opportunity we have to help a true hero of the people get into a position to make a real difference for the people once again. As you most probably know, Bill Gammon has been behind the scenes spending many hundreds of hours fighting freeway tolls via the legal system (pro bono) since 2004.

Thanks to Bill Gammon's legal expertise we stopped many double tax freeway tolls in Central Texas!

Our friend and attorney Bill Gammon is running for judge in the democratic primary for the 147th judicial district court (If you live in Travis County you can vote in the Dem Primary for Bill!). Bill has decided to run without seeking campaign contributions as he feels that they tarnish a judicial race.

Check out Bill's facebook page here.

And Bill's website is HERE

The primary is only 2 months away. Bill only has one opponent and no Republican opponent in the general election so the primary is for all the marbles.

I've never met anyone that has been so dedicated to the "regular Joe" in all my life.

If there is any way that you could get the word out it would be of immense help. Bill Gammon only needs 10,000 votes in the democratic primary to win. I would greatly appreciate your help. Can you help by sharing this info with your friends via email? and talk to everyone you know about Bill Gammon's run as well, when ever you can.

Feel free to copy and paste the body of this message and send it to people you know. Get the word out and make sure people vote for Bill in the Dem primary!

Take Care!
Thank You!
Sal Costello

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